Workshops & Events


Here you will find our new and updated  workshops for each month, as well as upcoming spiritual events. 

** Please note that for all workshops, classes, and  events, we require all participants to pre- register in advance.   Thank you and Blessings!!  Therese


Sustaining the Heart Workshop September 24th!






















Harmonizing Your Male & Female Energies:  July 23rd, 2011.

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 Join us for our next workshop this month, we will be focusing on developing and balancing the male and female energies within. We will be working with new energies from the Angels to assist everyone in this healing. We look forward to your participation with us on this day!

Welcome to the Oasis, and our workshop for the month of June.

 Each workshop has a unique focus and is always guided by the angels for the specific needs of the group. Heartfelt and powerful transformation can be experienced throughout the day!
Experience the energy of feeling “lifted” by the angels to a higher perspective so that healing may occur on a deep level and lasting change will result.
During this workshop Therese and Ruth will  be giving personalized individual  guidance as well as channelled energy from the angels. Receive the blessings and love of the angels in a nurturing and supportive space.

             June workshop

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