You could say that we define ourselves by our experiences, so if you want to grow spiritually, you can learn to feel and have a whole range of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual experiences where you can feel the truth for yourself. That is empowerment! 

 Here are some experiences shared by those who have come for healing.

October 23, 2017

Working with Therese has been a life changing and transformative experience ! Within two minutes of meeting her, she had already guided me directly towards my highest life purpose. Fast forward 5 years later, I am exactly where she said I would be, doing so much more with my life than i had ever dreamed possible! I had suffered from debilitating anxiety, afraid to leave the house, to the grocery store, or drive my kids to school.  Therese has taught me how to communicate with , trust and have faith in the angels and God. Therese makes spiritual healing so much fun too! She effortlessly guides her clients through life’s dark and heavy challenges, and you always leave her sessions feeling empowered and balanced. She listens without judgement, only sharing unconditional love and support in the form of encouraging messages from the angels and God. The angels also give Therese specific detailed messages intended to help one make decisions that will bring successful and optimal outcomes. These will help one to be aligned with and to be of service to God. Through Therese the angels have guided me towards being a wiser and more compassionate mother, wife, friend, daughter, and teacher! My life has become more fulfilling, rewarding and joyful! I have learned to be less ego driven and self-centered. I now find much more joy in being of service to God and the angels and I have dedicated my life to helping others. 

Lara Ganz    Director, producer for childrens theatre Palisades. Pacific Palisades, Ca


October 30, 2017

For all the time and money invested in therapy, as beneficial as it seemed at the time, I still found something was missing. After my first one hour session with Therese I knew exactly what that was . I felt what it meant to really heal!  It involved letting go, releasing the old pains, the hurt, trauma and fear. Then came understanding, truth, compassion and clarity. Finally I began to experience what wholeness really meant.  I felt aligned with spirit, mind, and heart in a peaceful way with love and acceptance. Working with Therese empowers me to experience transformation in every aspect of my life. I know can maintain more bliss, joy and love than I ever imagined possible. What is standing in the way of you and your inner peace ? Happiness or confidence ? Working with Therese I am sure you will not only discover these matters, but more importantly clear away old patterns to make way for more openness in your life to have extraordinary life experiences.

A. White.  Los Angeles, Ca



June 22, 2011

 I want to recommend the Angelic Healing Workshop that Therese Sanderson and Ruth Foley present.  I attended the workshop for:  creating healthy boundaries; healing the inner adolescent; accepting spiritual grace and intuition to overcome challenges and healing and integrating aspects of your energy and soul into your body.  This is a lot to cover in a six hour workshop; even one of these topics might take years of traditional therapy.  They did address all of this and in such a beautiful and powerful way that every one of us felt transformed. 

This workshop was ‘real’ and an incredible bargain for the healing I received.  I looked and felt uplifted at the end and so did the other participants.  I know the healing I received will continue to integrate into my being.  I am highly satisfied with the course and I look forward to more wonderful courses from this team. 

Sincerely, N.C. Los Angeles, Ca

June 14, 2011

Therese’s work is remarkable, for anyone who truly wants to make changes in themselves she is a wonderful facilitator. I started working with Therese immediately after spending three days in a mental hospital for “acute anxiety”. I was determined not to take drugs but I knew I needed help to get well. I am happy to say that I made the right choice in taking treatments with Therese. Not only did her treatments stabilize me but they went to the root of my problem – not just suppressing or masking the problem as in conventional treatment. I have found Therese to be deeply insightful, to have impeccable character and to be a gentle, experienced and gifted therapist.

Linda DeTournay  Los Angeles, Ca

Over a period of two years, I’ve worked with Therese both privately and in a series of classes and workshops.  One of the primary challenges in my life during that time centered on my work relationships and what I felt was a stunted career path.  I loved my work in the entertainment field, but I knew that certain patterns from my past were keeping me from getting where I wanted to go.  The path I traveled with Therese was transformational and in some ways felt truly miraculous.  The most challenging relationships shifted dramatically, and barriers I felt I’d been running up against for years crumbled.  While personal growth is an ongoing process, right now this outcome has presented me with wide-open opportunities and a sense of empowerment I previously lacked.  I’m blessed to have Therese in my life, and highly recommend what she offers to anyone ready to blast forward, either personally or professionally.

ND – Los Angeles, CA. Entertainment studio excecutive.

I have been working with Therese Sanderson for over 2 years now. She has helped me understand challenges that I have had for many years, she has helped me to help my self in healing from past events that had held me back for so long. She has given me the tools to over come my fears. I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be!

Therese has also blessed my home and my business, what a difference right away, my surroundings felt much brighter and lighter. The whole experience has been very magical if you are ready to live life! She has been such a blessing!

Felcia Howe. Spa owner and stylist,   Primrose Organic Salon, Hollywood CA.

Having a friend say after witnessing me post breakup ‘Go see Therese, she’ll change your life.” I was willing to do whatever it took to get to the positive side as opposed to remaining in negativity. Therese said many bold statements like ‘you will lose weight,the compulsion to over indulge will slip away and your body will return to its feminine form (I was 25 lbs overweight from eating my feelings).

I did her 13 wk healing treatment and started noticing changes. I was able to detox off an antidepressant that I was on for 10 yrs, stopped compulsively overeating and I began to lose weight. Mind you I had spent the last 20 yrs going to 12 step mtgs, therapy, weight watchers and just anything I could to to change.

My body changed, I got down to my deep core issues, was able to rescue my ‘little abused girl’ who I also had turned on and learn to finally love and respect myself. It was a tough haul and Therese Sanderson is the person who can help guide you to a better life of peace and prosperity. Thank you Therese.


Marla Schultz  Actress, Comedian, Entrepreneur.

917 723 7167     N.Y.

“Aromatherapy for the soul, cleansing for the mind & comfort for the heart describes Therese’s healing hands and loving prayers.  Therese is an expert angelic therapist for you body/mind/soul.  She eliminates anything holding you down, brings out all the good to lift you up and starts you on your true life’s journey.  If you want to feel what it is like to be touched by an ANGEL, you just found one… and you will NEVER be the same.” 

Michelle Bouse.  Beauty Specialist, Burbank, Ca

Guided by the glorious power and presence of angels, Therese’s healings enable individuals to see their true “self” and understand their true spiritual essence; through this discovery , we become liberated to embrace life and joy to its fullest….and manifest all of our deepest desires!

V.M.  Natural Products Promoter, Los Angeles, Ca

The Angelic Oasis Workshop was excellent. The planning, exercises, visualizations and discussions were powerful and unique. The workshop seemed to offer something significant for everyone in attendance. What we gave each other in the group was, also, an important part of the experience. Therese and Ruth worked exceptionally well together and they seemed to magnify the workshop with their combined energy. This was a deep and rare healing event that is going to be personalized for each group; something that you don’t find everywhere and definitely something worth taking advantage of.

M. C.  Los Angeles, Ca

I enjoyed both workshops.  These workshops have helped me to strengthen my spiritual life and awaken my intuition.  I feel I have a clearer and stronger communication with God and the angels. I have been having more insightful dreams.  I am noticing more signs and trusting that I am understanding the meaning behind the signs.  Also, I have noticed a butterly that has been visiting me the last two weeks.  I believe it is one of my signs –  a symbol that my spiritual life is transforming.

Ruth and you are a blessing in my life- thank you for your help.

Martha. C. Valencia, Ca

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