Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies

As part of our soul integration we reach a point where we are ready to balance our inner male and female aspects of ourselves. This is important so that we can feel more at peace with just being in our own energy and confidence. It also helps us to let go of any fear that we have of the opposite sex. For many generations we have been taught beliefs that have kept us in conflict or fear , or even confusion regarding the delicate balance of relationships.

So, if we want to achieve more conscious and healthy relationships, first we must look within ourselves to see how we feel about the masculine and feminine energy and traits within us. We might notice that we have strong barriers of fear or protection built up, regarding trusting the basic energy and elements of male and female purpose. We may even have strong conflicted beliefs about our same gender identies or energy. These can hold us back from the inner peace we seek.

If we are not balanced in our own male and female energy we will project that someone or something else is in our way, or stopping us. This is an illusion that keeps us looking outside of ourselves for acceptance. We have the choice to take responsiblity for ourselves and learn to start releasing the fears about being in our own power and authentic self. Once we can do this we will feel a sense of inner freedom and love. We feel as though we can take full authority over our life and choices.

As we become balanced within our own male and female persona we can then enjoy relationships from a much deeper and fulfilling place. Then we don’t look to the other person to fill us up, so instead we feel free to share our true self. This allows us to draw relationships where we can co-create with that person, feeling that we add to eachother and even share a purpose together that is beneficial to all.

We will be facilitating a workshop in July specifically on this topic. You can find the details under the workshop page. Hope to see you there!

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