Angels Watching Over Us


Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?  Yes, we do. We all have a Guardian Angel that watches over us, and protects us. In fact we have many angels at any given time in our life that do surround us, to assist us when we need some extra guidance, or healing for a specific situation. They love us unconditionally and love to help us brighten and lift our lives up to a higher way of being.

How do angels help us then?  Angels have the ability to see right to the core of our being, and soul. They know exactly how we feel, think, do, and dream to become. They know our deepest desires, and also the obstacles that are standing in our way to achieving those goals. They only support us gently by influencing us with their positive, uplifting, wise, and loving, healing energy.  They never force anything on us, only try to guide us, and help us to see and find the good in others and ourselves.

Do I have to know my Angels?   The best way to accept the energy, guidance, and healing from our angels is to be open to them, and allow their assistance. When we learn to trust in them, positive things begin to change in our life. They work through our openness and trust, as well as our belief and acknowledgement of them. They do not expect us to figure everything out; just simply trust that they are with us.

Can the angels really help me to heal from a traumatic situation in my life?  Yes, and they only can do so when a person is ready to change.  They are capable of transmitting beautiful energy from God that radiates into our being to help us to transform and release our pain and traumas of the past, or present. They know exactly what our unique soul needs to heal. The Angels can find a healing remedy for anything as they work tirelessly to serve God’s will. They will always try to find a way to help us to go in the right direction that our higher self desires for us. They uplift us to a higher perspective and heavenly qualities with grace and love.

How do I attract more energy and assistance from my angels?   Positive feelings and energy attracts them, as well as our intention to be closer to them. We can also directly pray and ask them for help. Uplifting thoughts, or feelings such as love, peace, serenity, joy, acceptance, forgiveness,hope, prayer, and faith also draw them near. The more we trust and believe in them the more they come to us. Their greatest joy is to love and support us. We can experience a greater life when we utilize and connect to their glorious energy and guidance.


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  1. Well done,very good – J

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