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Letting Go

As we enter into the year of 2012 we embark on a new journey of self discovery. Everything feels accelerated, or maybe you feel the sense of time moving faster than normal. This is all an illusion as to how we measure time. As we progress spiritually and ascend into higher more rarefied levels of consciousness we start to have a non-linear sense of time, where all experiences start to blend together. You may feel like you are losing a sense of time, or lost track of some time. You may feel like you can’t tell when a experience happened because your sense of time is blending together into more of a now moment.This is because as the energy of the collective is changing and more spiritual energies are being outpoured from the heavenly realms we can begin to experience our multi-dimensionality with greater ease, even parallel worlds, past, present, and future seem to all blend together in a spiral hologram within the very fabric of our being.

Our understanding of time in the physical dimension is changing, you could say our perception of time. In the spiritual realms, or the heavenly realms time is not measured by linear means. Time is measured by the experience of something and how one has felt it. As you understand your experience then you can move on or ascend into another level or have a new experience of knowledge integrated.

As we continue to evolve into the cosmic consciousness and unity consciousness the very fabric of our beings is changing as is our DNA we have the ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness while still living in a body in the physical plane. We then can bring these higher levels of energy here into the physical as we integrate these higher aspects of our soul’s unique spiritual lineage. This is exciting and new. It is the blending of the human self with the divine energies of the heavenly realms.

As the heart center expands, and opens to a greater sense of unity and compassion we are able to feel more simultaneous levels of experience in the ever increasing awareness of our souls journey. Each one of our soul experiences etches a picture or hologram full of feelings and qualities that can be forever felt in the cosmic collective. We are reaching a point in evolution now where we can easily move back and forth or better yet, spiral into many dimensions of experience at one time. ( or our sense of one moment) Think of how time can expand and contract and we can find ourselves feeling many different feelings, emotions, and experiences within a shorter period of time, and more easily shifting out of one into another. This is the nature of expansion of our consciousness, where in we can find the unity of our souls mult-levels and parts of us. We are now able to bring in the higher aspects of our spiritual essence and as one releases the old emotional beliefs, experiences, and memories of this lifetime or past,or even old relationships that no longer resonate with us, or serve us. The energy of 2012 is about letting go , releasing old karmic themes, releasing relationships that do not resonate or serve our soul anymore. We are able to draw to us now those soul mates that are no longer held by karmic patterns. We can draw soul mate relationships that are bonded and anchored from the heavenly realms where our souls resonate within the same spheres of consciousness and we share a purpose together to serve God’s plan. These are a higher form of relationship and you will know them by the ease and unconditional love that you feel. Also,  you will both share a deep passion to want to serve and make the world a better place. These spiritual bonds will help you to find a common purpose and values that will give your bond a spiritual strength and love that will surpass other worldly bonds. This is one of the greatest gifts from the creator to share love with another where the love is anchored in God first and the unity between the two becomes a third energy that then can be offered to others to help them to grow and evolve. This bond of love is capable of continuously growing and renewing itself.It can be felt as eternal.

The easiest way to grow and find peace is to let go, accept you are not in control, and allow your self to surrender to the higher guidance from your own soul, and assisting angels, and spirit guides.Life will become more joyous and things that you want will fall easier into place when the time is right. You will find that less effort is needed to manifest your desires, or thougths, as you align with the integrity of your higher self and God. Discernment and staying in integrity are also the keys to holding the light so that you do not fall backwards into fear and controlling murky energy.

Sometimes people tend to hang on to situations, habits, emotions, or even relationships that have served their purpose, or karmic cycle. Refusal to let go  only causes more pain, suffering, and negative thinking for the one who does not want to let go. They continue to manifest darker emotions of hate, revenge, and resentment that then sadly eats at their own soul, thereby causing them their own living hell. There is a way to heal, and that is the way of compassion, surrender, and acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. The old can then pass away, and something new can be born.

The more one gets used to letting go the easier and more natural it becomes, and fear that gave the illusion of something lost, gets replaced with love, trust, and hope. Fear only binds ones soul to the negative and shuts any healing out.

Love is the only true power that we have, and as we embody the expression of our divine soul energy the more love we can experience.

Blessings and joy to the year ahead and all that is.

September Workshop

This month of September brings new energy for the upcoming year of 2012.

This is a great window of opportunity to align with the unity consciousness and feel more centered in changing times.

This workshop will go deeper to the core of the matter, and work on healing the heart of each person. With love and compassion the Angels bring in new energy to help to heal any old illusions of pain, and stabilize each person’s own sense of love for themselves and others.

Come join us and please call to pre-register!

Blessings and Love,


Please go to the workshop page to veiw details.


Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies

As part of our soul integration we reach a point where we are ready to balance our inner male and female aspects of ourselves. This is important so that we can feel more at peace with just being in our own energy and confidence. It also helps us to let go of any fear that we have of the opposite sex. For many generations we have been taught beliefs that have kept us in conflict or fear , or even confusion regarding the delicate balance of relationships.

So, if we want to achieve more conscious and healthy relationships, first we must look within ourselves to see how we feel about the masculine and feminine energy and traits within us. We might notice that we have strong barriers of fear or protection built up, regarding trusting the basic energy and elements of male and female purpose. We may even have strong conflicted beliefs about our same gender identies or energy. These can hold us back from the inner peace we seek.

If we are not balanced in our own male and female energy we will project that someone or something else is in our way, or stopping us. This is an illusion that keeps us looking outside of ourselves for acceptance. We have the choice to take responsiblity for ourselves and learn to start releasing the fears about being in our own power and authentic self. Once we can do this we will feel a sense of inner freedom and love. We feel as though we can take full authority over our life and choices.

As we become balanced within our own male and female persona we can then enjoy relationships from a much deeper and fulfilling place. Then we don’t look to the other person to fill us up, so instead we feel free to share our true self. This allows us to draw relationships where we can co-create with that person, feeling that we add to eachother and even share a purpose together that is beneficial to all.

We will be facilitating a workshop in July specifically on this topic. You can find the details under the workshop page. Hope to see you there!



Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?  Yes, we do. We all have a Guardian Angel that watches over us, and protects us. In fact we have many angels at any given time in our life that do surround us, to assist us when we need some extra guidance, or healing for a specific situation. They love us unconditionally and love to help us brighten and lift our lives up to a higher way of being.

How do angels help us then?  Angels have the ability to see right to the core of our being, and soul. They know exactly how we feel, think, do, and dream to become. They know our deepest desires, and also the obstacles that are standing in our way to achieving those goals. They only support us gently by influencing us with their positive, uplifting, wise, and loving, healing energy.  They never force anything on us, only try to guide us, and help us to see and find the good in others and ourselves.

Do I have to know my Angels?   The best way to accept the energy, guidance, and healing from our angels is to be open to them, and allow their assistance. When we learn to trust in them, positive things begin to change in our life. They work through our openness and trust, as well as our belief and acknowledgement of them. They do not expect us to figure everything out; just simply trust that they are with us.

Can the angels really help me to heal from a traumatic situation in my life?  Yes, and they only can do so when a person is ready to change.  They are capable of transmitting beautiful energy from God that radiates into our being to help us to transform and release our pain and traumas of the past, or present. They know exactly what our unique soul needs to heal. The Angels can find a healing remedy for anything as they work tirelessly to serve God’s will. They will always try to find a way to help us to go in the right direction that our higher self desires for us. They uplift us to a higher perspective and heavenly qualities with grace and love.

How do I attract more energy and assistance from my angels?   Positive feelings and energy attracts them, as well as our intention to be closer to them. We can also directly pray and ask them for help. Uplifting thoughts, or feelings such as love, peace, serenity, joy, acceptance, forgiveness,hope, prayer, and faith also draw them near. The more we trust and believe in them the more they come to us. Their greatest joy is to love and support us. We can experience a greater life when we utilize and connect to their glorious energy and guidance.